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The link to the online seminar room is:

(The room will open at 14:30 GMT on the 8th of Jan, so do arrive early if you need to test your system/set-up)

We will be using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for the sessions. It’s an easy to use online meeting platform. You can watch a (kind of) tutorial video  if you haven’t used Ultra before.

The basics are outlined here:

Collaborate Ultra works in most browsers and mobile devices although they do recommend Chrome or Safari browsers. If you can watch a YouTube video on your device then you should be able to connect to the room.

The online room will be open 30 minutes before the sessions so you can test your system and say hi. If you do want to contribute via video and/or voice then please make sure you have a headset or headphones with a mic in.

We do encourage you to text chat in the room throughout the sessions or to post to #teachcomUAL on Twitter. We also encourage you to post comments in the appropriate page of this site after each session.

Please be aware that sessions will be recorded and the recording will be posted openly on this site.

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